Thumb stopping content.


When people reject the interruption marketing ; when audience is fragmented ; when brands fear to be commoditized : a new deal is necessary.

How to reinvent the way we reach our targets ?
How to create more proximity with the brand to meet growth objectives ?
How to bring distinctiveness to the brand’s speech ?

It becomes necessary to set up in a win-win relation between brands and consumers.

A relation that is built over time, with a brand more consumer-centric and that knows how to create conversations and how to play a key role in its clients’ life.

In this context, we consider creation as a bridge between the brand and its audience, thanks to a personalized storytelling on all touchpoints, especially on mobile.


Go from a big idea to a long idea

A strong creative idea for campaigns activated on every touchpoints, and whose personalized contents, formats and messages have the power to stop the scroll.


Creation is a bridge between the brand and its audience, thanks to a personalized storytelling on all touchpoints.



Insights detection, audience & behaviors modelization, emotional targeting, campaigns dynamic optimization… Data is at the heart of our creative work and of our ability to deliver effectiveness.



Link content strategy and execution, from the very beginning, to deliver relevant, personalized contents, dynamically optimized to create engagement.



A rational and almost scientific approach, to measure real-time performance. Hard KPI to assess business effectiveness and soft KPI for brand awareness. Using A/B testing at the beginning of the campaign to identify the most effective messages and formats on specific audience clusters.



Delivery is key : crafting or mass-producing, in a rationalized and effective way, assets and creative contents of each campaign. Activating the campaign on the identified touchpoints, through the use of a dedicated framework.

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