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29 Jun 2018

SensioGrey and AXA Prevention launch Sharydrive

This app offers young people a free service to plan and organize their evening trips. This one allows to choose among their friends who will be the driver and who will be the passengers.

Designed to make their journeys safer, SharyDrive also proposes to test their ability to drive, with playful and preventive tests and, if necessary, to contact a taxi or an emergency number.

Driving remains the leading cause of mortality among young people: they are twice as likely to die as the rest of the population. 17% of those killed on the roads are young people aged 18 to 24, whereas they represent only 9% of the French population.

Alcoholic evenings return, fatigue, somnolence … these risks also increase the accidents of young people at night and especially on weekends.

SharyDrive: a Facebook-centric application

SharyDrive is exclusively available to 30 million French people registered on Facebook. The application allows you to view all the events created on Facebook that your friends will attend. Anyone can then offer seats in his vehicle or identify who can accompany him. This approach is part of the current car-pooling practices.

The main features of the application:

1. Planning and organizing outings during evenings or events: ‘how to get there?’, ‘Who accompanies me?’ …

  • I am a driver: I propose a trip
  • I am a passenger: I reserve a place in an existing route

2. Assessment of driving capabilities through ludopreventive tests: ‘am I fit to drive?’

  • A tool for calculating the blood alcohol level
  • A balance test

3. Access to alternative solutions to the steering wheel intake:

  • Reserve a taxi
  • Call your support company
  • Call 112

SharyDrive also provides users with notifications in the form of prevention alerts 2 hours and then 15 minutes before the scheduled journey.

SharyDrive users will also have access to the download AXA Drive application, which allows you to analyze your driving behavior and receive appropriate advice.



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