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SensioGrey reveals the secrets of a legendary ghost ship for Amsterdam beers!


Enhancing Amsterdam’s image and reconnect the brand with young people (18-35 years-old) respecting the Evin law.


Creation of an interactive adventure divided in 8 chapters where the community members will surf from a social network to another. Twitter and Instagram accounts will especially be created to make the storyline more credible. They will launch challenges to lead the users to some clues and continue the adventure. The keywords of the discovery: daring and tenacity.
Campaign’s highlights
• The Flying Dutchman
• Black Rum
• Battleship



Strategic thinking, application and performance steering. Design & Creation. Organization, content moderation, monitoring & conversation.
Ecosystem: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram

  • 72 000 Tumblr visits
    72 000 Tumblr visits
  • 900.000 monthly visits on the Facebook page
    900.000 monthly visits on the Facebook page
  • 4% average engagement
    4% average engagement



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